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Not to be confused with Adventure Mode, a mode in Metroid Prime Hunters.
Samus using the Grapple Beam during the Mushroom Kingdom stage in Adventure

Adventure (アドベンチャー Adobenchā?) is a playable mode in Super Smash Bros. Melee. There is no inherent story to the mode, unlike Super Smash Bros. Brawl's Adventure Mode: The Subspace Emissary and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's World of Light, and instead merely requires choosing a specific character and difficulty, similar to Classic Mode and All-Star Mode, and then using that character to travel across stages themed after various Nintendo franchises. Trophies can also be collected during the level portions.

The fourth stage uses as its theme the Metroid franchise, and is devised into two parts: the first part involves beating Samus Aran on Planet Zebes: Brinstar within four minutes. Depending on who the player is playing as, Samus will vary in terms of costume. If the player uses any of the characters barring Samus, Samus will be using her default costume (the current Varia Suit). If the player uses Samus, however, the opposing Samus will use her red alternate costume (her missile-selected Varia Suit). The second part, internally named 4-2DASSYUT, is a location unique to Adventure, and it is a vertical area recreated from the Tourian/Crateria portion of Super Metroid that the player's fighter has to escape from within forty seconds. Regardless of whether the player succeeds or fails in reaching the goal in time (unless the player loses their last stock), a scene recreated from the ending of Super Metroid plays showing the destruction of Planet Zebes, only to pan over to Planet Popstar from the Kirby franchise. Note that escaping in time in the second part is the only way to get the Samus's Starship trophy.

The final boss of the level is a giant version of Bowser from the Mario franchise, faced on Final Destination. Depending on the mode being played, he'll either use his default colors (Very Easy and Easy Modes) or he'll use his black alternate costume (Normal or higher). In addition, depending on how well the player does and meeting certain criteria (specifically, choosing Normal or higher as the difficulty, and reaching the Bowser boss fight in 18 minutes or less without using even one continue), the player can either end the stage there, or face an additional boss in the form of Giga Bowser. This fight is foreshadowed near the tail end of the opening sequence. The ending is then depicted as follows: If the player fails to meet the requirements to fight Giga Bowser, it will show Bowser's trophy being knocked into the abyss surrounding Final Destination, with the player character using one of their victory poses (in Samus's case, her second victory pose depicting her spraying five blasts in a panoramic fashion before posing with her arm cannon, all while crouching). If the player defeats Giga Bowser upon fighting him, it shows Bowser's trophy being knocked into the abyss again, only this time it is shown exploding in the distance.

Samus's congratulations screen for Adventure mode

Afterwards, similar to in Classic Mode, it shows the player while falling returning to trophy form before landing on a table showing it and any trophies the player had depicted thus far. If playing as Samus, the ending music played during the credits is Brinstar (Melee).

Afterwards, it shows a congratulations screen for the characters similar to Classic Mode after showing a montage of the player's character. In the case of Samus, it shows her jumping during the escape level with Code Red flashing in the background.

Unlockable Metroid-related trophies

  • Samus Aran (Smash Red): Complete Adventure Mode once with Samus.
  • Samus's Starship: Complete the countdown escape sequence on Brinstar without any continues.