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Chozo Statue

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A Chozo Statue in Super Metroid

Chozo Statues are statues created by the Chozo in their likeness. They appear in several Metroid games, and make their debut appearance in Metroid. Chozo Statues generally depict a sitting Chozo with its hands out in front of it, holding an item for Samus Aran to obtain. Some Chozo Statues have other functions, such as opening up hidden passages or regenerating energy like in Metroid: Zero Mission. They have been hinted at being sentient creatures, and some enemies take on the form of a Chozo Statue.

In Super Metroid, Chozo Statues have a hostile counterpart known as Torizos. They are living Chozo Statues that attack Samus once she takes the items from them.

The Tallon IV ruins of Metroid Prime hold the most complete record of Chozo activity found to date. The Chozo worked hard to perfect their statuary and only the most skilled artisans were allowed to construct them. Some statues have special powers, often helping Samus in the game. One Lore entry says that "Those who respect our statues will know the friendship of the Chozo. Those who deface or destroy them will know our wrath, unfettered and raw." This is proven in the battle with Meta Ridley. During the battle, he smashes the statues that gave Samus information on the Chozo Artifacts. When Samus wins the battle, the nearby Chozo statues turn red and shoot beams from their eyes, hitting Meta Ridley in the chest and knocking him off a cliff to fall to his apparent doom. (his wings were destroyed by Samus during the fight).

In Metroid Fusion, a single Chozo Statue is featured within the research station, however it turns out to be a mutated X Parasite mimicking one. Since the X Parasites can only mimic organisms or objects with a large number of organic parts, this further suggests that the statues are at least somewhat sentient.

In Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, a pair of Chozo Statues are found on the planet Elysia. One is covered with Phazon and must be rid of the substance using the Hyper Ball. The other holds the Spider Ball. Another statue is seen in the icy area of Bryyo. It is much larger than other Chozo Statues, towering hundreds of feet above the ground, and is depicted holding out a hand to a matching Bryyonian statue, offering knowledge and a peaceful alliance. The Screw Attack can be found between the two statues, closer to their waist level.

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