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Event Match

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An Event Match is a specific type of challenge featured within the Super Smash Bros. series. They are featured in Super Smash Bros. Melee, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. An Event Match consists of a scenario and an objective for clearing it; in some cases, an Event Match features certain conditions, such as fighters being Mini or Mega size. Most Event Matches have a predetermined fighter for the player to play as. The game records the completion and score of each match, and some events offer rewards for completion.

Event Matches do not return in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, although matches in Spirits mode feature similar fights with unique conditions.

Metroid-related events

Super Smash Bros. Melee

There are 51 Event Matches in Super Smash Bros. Melee, and a couple of them feature elements relating to Metroid.

Lv. 3: Bomb-fest

Any character faces Link and Samus in a one-stock match with no time limit on Peach's Castle. Both characters only use their Bomb attacks, and many of the bomb items in the game appear on the stage. The Motion-Sensor Bomb Trophy is rewarded for completing this event.

Lv. 8: Hot Date on Brinstar

Any character faces Samus on Brinstar in a three-stock match with no time limit. The player character has 102% damage, and Samus is at 130%.

Lv. 15: Girl Power

Any character faces Samus, Peach and Zelda/Sheik, the three female characters in the game, in a two-stock match with no time limit. The player character is decreased in size, while the women are normal-sized.

Lv. 17: Bounty Hunters

Using Samus, the objective is to KO Bowser before Captain Falcon (who is on a team with Samus and cannot be harmed by her) does. Falcon can be KO'd by Bowser, making the match easier, but the event is failed if Falcon KOs Bowser.

Lv. 20: All-Star Match 2

Samus is the first enemy faced in the second of several matches where any character fights the other characters in the game.

Lv. 26: Space Travelers

As Ness, the objective is to defeat all futuristic space characters in Super Smash Bros. Melee, starting with Samus.

Lv. 27: Cold Armor

Using Samus, the objective is to KO three other computer-controlled Samuses with a Metal Box effect in a two-stock match on Brinstar Depths. The player Samus has one stock.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Super Smash Bros. Brawl introduces co-op Event Matches and gives each match three tiers of difficulty: Easy, Medium and Hard. There are 41 solo events and 21 co-op events, and a couple of


Event 10: All-Star Battle Regulars

Any character of the player's choosing faces the eight "perfect-attendance crew" characters that were default in Super Smash Bros. and have appeared in every Super Smash Bros. game to date. They are fought in the order of their placing on the character selection screen in the original game; Samus is fourth. All enemy characters have one stock while the player has two.

Event 16: Power Suit ON!

As Zero Suit Samus, the objective is to break a Smash Ball and use the Power Suit Samus Final Smash attack to put on her Power Suit, turning her into Samus. The event is played on Frigate Orpheon, and has Ending (Metroid) as the background music (normally it plays on Norfair). There are two other Zero Suit Samuses, and each character has two stock. The player is not penalized if either of them breaks the Smash Ball. Defeating the two other characters has no effect on the outcome.

Event 20: All-Star Battle x1

Any character of the player's choosing faces the starter newcomer characters in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, including Zero Suit Samus, who is the fourth character fought.

Event 23: Molten Norfair

As Samus, the objective is to enter the safety capsule on Norfair before the lava wave hits the stage. She has Captain Falcon and Fox as opponents and must make sure they do not enter the capsule as well. They have infinite stocks, but Samus has only two, and all players have 300% damage, like Sudden Death. Vs. Ridley plays in this event, when it normally plays on Frigate Orpheon.

Event 36: High-Tech Special Forces

As Snake, the goal is to KO Samus, Captain Falcon and Wolf, all Bounty Hunter characters hired by FOXHOUND.


Event 6: Unwanted Suitors

As Zelda (P1) and Zero Suit Samus (P2), the objective is to KO Captain Falcon and Luigi, who each have two stocks and the cloaking effect enabled.

Event 7: Battle of the Dark Sides

As Link (P1) and Samus (P2), the objective is to defeat "Dark Link" and "Dark Samus" (not the doppelgangers of the characters in their respective series, but black silhouettes of the real Link and Samus) in a 200HP stamina battle.

Event 12: Come Back! Falcon Flyer

As Captain Falcon (P1) and Olimar (P2), Falcon must use his Blue Falcon Final Smash on two Samuses in thirty seconds.

Event 21: The True All-Star Battle

As any character of the players' choosing, every character in the game is fought. Samus or Zero Suit Samus will appear.

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

"Bounty Hunter Clash" is selected from the Events menu

Event matches appear in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U after an absence from Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS. The events are no longer numbered like in their two previous appearances. Several Event Matches unlock either one or a few Event Matches upon completion.


All-Star Battle: Brawl

A match against returning characters that made their debut in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, including Zero Suit Samus.

All-Star Battle: Regulars

The main objective is the same as in Super Smash Bros. Brawl's Event 10: All-Star Battle Regulars; the player's fighter must fight against the "perfect-attendance crew," including Samus.

A Situation of Some Gravity

As Zero Suit Samus, the goal is to defeat Rosalina & Luma in a one-stock heavy-gravity battle.

Bounty Hunter Clash

As Captain Falcon, Zero Suit Samus must be defeated in a two-stock battle. After some time, two Villagers (with one stock) will appear. Defeating all of them clears the event.

Galactic Avenger

As Samus, the goal is to defeat Ridley and another Samus (in her Dark Samus costume) in a Stamina fight on Pyrosphere.

Identity Crisis

As Sheik (replaced with Zelda if KO'd), the goal is to defeat Samus, and then Zero Suit Samus in a one-stock battle. Zelda and Samus are characters who could previously transform mid-match, but their forms are now separate characters.


Final Battle Team-Up

As any characters of the players' choosing, all playable antagonist characters must be fought, including Samus in her Dark Samus costume.

Peach in Peril

As Bowser (P1) and Bowser Jr. (P2), a number of the female characters in the game must be defeated, including Zero Suit Samus. Peach is an opponent, but KOing her fails the Event.

Poisonous Planet

As Olimar (P1) and Samus (P2) with the flowering effect enabled, the objective is to defeat two Charizards in a 200HP battle.

Robots vs. Dragons

As Mega Man (P1) and R.O.B. (P2), the objective is to defeat a giant Yoshi, Charizard and the AI Ridley in a 200HP battle on Pyrosphere.

The Ultimate Battle

Same as The True All-Star Battle in Brawl, fighting characters in reverse of their game appearances (for example, the "perfect-attendance crew" characters are fought last, and the newcomers in the fourth game are fought first).

In-game descriptions

Super Smash Bros. Melee

  • Lv. 3: Bomb-fest: Bombs are everywhere in this explosive battle.
  • Lv. 8: Hot Date on Brinstar: You're interfering with Samus's Brinstar raid!
  • Lv. 15: Girl Power: A group of femme fatales has dropped by for a visit...
  • Lv. 17: Bounty Hunters: Fight a fellow bounty hunter for the bounty on Bowser!
  • Lv. 20: All-Star Match 2: Nintendo's realistic stars are out in force.
  • Lv. 26: Space Travelers: Adventurers head for Earth: Ness is the welcome wagon.
  • Lv. 27: Cold Armor: These metal bounty hunters take no prisoners!

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

  • Event 10: All-Star Battle Regulars: The Smash Bros. perfect-attendance crew! Fight the eight regulars in order!
  • Event 16: Power Suit ON!: Quickly! Regain the Power Suit you lost! You'll need a smash ball to do it!
  • Event 20: All-Star Battle x1: Challengers approaching! Fight eight Brawl newcomers in all!
  • Event 23: Molten Norfair: Get inside the safety capsule before your foes to survive the lava of Norfair.
  • Event 36: High-Tech Special Forces: Colonel: Snake. Intel shows FOXHOUND has hired three bounty hunters to kill you.
  • Co-Op Event 6: Unwanted Suitors: What do these guys want, anyway? Chase 'em off, will ya?
  • Co-Op Event 7: Battle of the Dark Sides: A predestined battle with dark sides. Nowhere to run, but no one in the way.
  • Co-Op Event 12: Come Back! Falcon Flyer: Land the final blow before the Falcon Flyer about thirty seconds!
  • Co-Op Event 21: The True All-Star Battle: Fight everyone without any breaks! It's endless, but a suitable final battle.

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

  • All-Star Battle: Brawl: Take on 10 fighters who've been in the roster since Super Smash Bros. Brawl!
  • All-Star Battle: Regulars: Take on eight fighters who have been smashing since the very beginning!
  • A Situation of Some Gravity: In the far reaches of the galaxy, Samus discovers a planet with unusually strong gravity. Can she withstand it enough to defeat this alien life-form?
  • Bounty Hunter Clash: Two bounty hunters fight over a priceless bounty! But they may not be the only ones looking to make a quick buck...
  • Galactic Avenger (NTSC): The time has come to avenge my parents. Anyone in my path will be destroyed!
  • Galactic Avenger (PAL): The time has come to avenge my parents. Woe betide all who stand in my way!
  • Identity Crisis: Two fierce heroines, each with their own secrets. Only one will reign victorious!
  • Final Battle Team-Up: It's you against a veritable who's who of villainy! Give it all you've got, and win the final battle!
  • Peach in Peril: Kidnapping Peach is OUR thing! Anyone who lays a finger on her is getting launched into the next dimension!
  • Poisonous Planet: The atmosphere on this planet must contain some sort of poisonous gas. Win the battle before it saps all of your health.
  • Robots vs. Dragons: Dragons have invaded the geothermal power plant! Good thing we've created a pair of combat robots for this situation.
  • The Ultimate Battle: They're all here! Defeat every single fighter without a break! If that's not an "ultimate battle," then what is?