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The following pages contain guidance and information about reading, authoring, and participating in Metroidpedia.

General information

  • Help:Editing - A basic guide for editing Metroidpedia and wikis in general.
  • Help:Creating an article - Information on how to begin your own article.
  • Help:Stub - Information about "stubs," which are short articles that are lacking essential information.
  • Help:Talk page - Information on talk pages and how to use them
  • Help:Image - Using images on Metroidpedia
  • Help:Table - Creating tables and adding them to articles
  • Help:Template - Using templates on Metroidpedia
  • Help:Citing sources - Citing certain information on the wiki
  • Help:User page - A guide to creating and editing your own user page
  • Help:Forums - How to use the forums and create forum posts
  • Help:Namespace - Explains what namespaces are and the different types that can be found on a wiki
  • Help:Preferences - Customize your preferences to adjust your editing experience on the wiki



Further reading

  • User groups on Miraheze Meta (these apply to Metroidpedia and other wikis hosted on Miraheze)