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Promotional image showing two Joy-Cons being attached to a Nintendo Switch

The Joy-Con is the primary controller for the Nintendo Switch. They are individual controllers that each have an analog stick and six buttons. The Joy-Con can be attached to the main Nintendo Switch unit and used that way, or detached and used wirelessly, or as a "controller" when connected to a charging grip. When detached, Joy-Con can be used by one player or used as two separate controllers, similar to their predecessor. Alternatively, a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, a more traditional controller, can be used.

Joy-Con are available in multiple colors, including the traditional grey or red and blue. Some games, like The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD, have had specially themed Joy-Con released for them.

Joy-Con have been heavily criticized for a persistent issue where the sticks eventually "drift", which has never been permanently fixed for subsequently released units. Individual replacement Joy-Con are available for purchase, and Nintendo offers free repair services if Joy-Con are mailed in, although the cost of shipping them can be more expensive than it is worth. Nintendo has been subject to multiple class-action lawsuits worldwide, from consumers and regulators, over the drift problem.[1]


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