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Metroid (Big Name Game)

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Metroid BNG WWDIY.png
Appears in WarioWare: D.I.Y.
Type DLC
Command Destroy!
Info "Federation orders: destroy Metroids!"
Controls Stylus – Tap Metroids

Metroid is a downloadable microgame made by Yoshio Sakamoto that is featured in WarioWare: D.I.Y. for download in the category Big Name Games. It has been available in Japan since April 29, 2009, in North America since March 29, 2010, and in Europe since May 7, 2010. Metroid is the first Big Name Games microgame to have been made available online, and it is numbered "C-NINT-0001-001."

The microgame is set against a space background, with a remix of Theme of Samus playing. It features two Metroids floating around on the screen, and the objective is to destroy both of them. The Metroids most closely resemble their design from the first Metroid game. When the player taps a Metroid, it becomes frozen (most likely by the Ice Beam) and is subsequently destroyed by a missile shot by Samus. Upon fulfilling the objective, Samus pops up, facing the screen. In most cases she wears her Power Suit, but there is also a lower chance of Zero Suit Samus making an appearance.

The microgame contains the following objects in the Assembly mode: METROID1, METROID2, MISSILE1, MISSILE2, SAMUS, TIMER. The Metroids have three animations: FLOAT, FROZEN, and GONE. Samus has two animations: NORMAL and ZEROSUIT. When the game starts, the Metroids play the "SMALL DOG" sound, when tapped they play "FROZEN" and the missile plays "PUNCH", and when the missile hits, "GLASS" is heard.

Yoshio Sakamoto bio

Sakamoto-san is a Nintendo game designer most famous for the "Metroid" series. His game captures the atmospheric world of Metroid. If Zero Suit Samus appears on your first try, it must be your lucky day! Sakamoto: "Once you get the hang of it, you can make some pretty incredible games in D.I.Y.! Enjoy competing with your friends!"