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Mewtroid title screen.png
WarioWare: Twisted! title screen
Appears in WarioWare: Twisted!
WarioWare Gold
Type Game Souvenir
Info "Roll left and right to defeat the evil bugs! Your quick moves and paw cannon will bring you to victory!" (Twisted!)
"It's the cat-action-shooting game everyone is raving about! Roll Sameow onto her back, and fire up her laser beam to eliminate enemies!" (Gold)
Controls WarioWare Twisted!
Tilt motion control - Roll
A Button - Shoot
WarioWare Gold
+Control Pad left or right - Roll
A Button - Shoot
SlowTilt motion control - Aim
FastTilt motion control - Rolling Dash

Mewtroid is a minigame souvenir found in the Games folder in WarioWare: Twisted! and in the Minigames section in WarioWare Gold. Its name is a combination of "mew," a sound typically associated with kittens, and Metroid. WarioWare Gold features a sequel called Mewtroid 2: Return of Sameow. The original Brinstar theme plays throughout the minigame.


The player controls a cat named Sameow, who must use its "Paw Cannon" (a parody of the Arm Cannon) to shoot down as many enemies as possible. Tilting the game console causes Sameow to roll, and pressing A Button causes it to shoot gray streaking beams. A quick tilt causes Sameow to roll very fast and for the game to play a Spin Jump sound effect. If Sameow is left still for a few moments, it automatically turns over to lay on its belly and then meows. This mostly conceals the Paw Cannon so that Sameow appears like a normal cat. The minigame ends if Sameow touches an enemy.

The enemies are based on a few of the bug-like enemies in the Metroid franchise, but all have a human face and mustache. The first type of enemy are Reo-like, with wings and dangling legs, and they move across the screen before lowering slightly and moving to the other side, like th enemies in Space Invaders. The second type of enemy has the same face but moves like a Sidehopper and switches direction if it reaches the opposite side of the screen. This type occasionally appears to crawl instead of jump, but Sameow can roll under both kinds, if timed properly. The third to appear is a "boss" enemy that has a goatee, sunglasses, two horns, and wings, and it slightly resembles an upside-down Metroid. It makes an appearance for every time Sameow defeats thirty bugs. The boss bounces around the stage, firing one round shot at a time, and requires 15 shots to kill, blinking a darker color when hit and making a faint rooster call when killed. The fourth enemy to appear, after the boss, is a darker variation of the jumping bug. It takes two hits to defeat, and turns white upon being shot at the first time. If shot fast enough, the bug stays dark when it falls offscreen.

In WarioWare Gold, Sameow's movement is controlled via the +Control Pad, and the aim is controlled by tilting the Nintendo 3DS. Sameow can now also perform a rolling dash when the system is sharply rotated.


  • Nintendo of America tweet: "What would #WarioWare Gold be without a rousing game of Mewtroid? Shoot down as many bugs as possible before they get to the kitty, Sameow!" (posted July 27, 2018)


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ネコロイド
Nekoroid (Portmanteau of "neko", meaning cat, and "Metroid")
Spanish (Americas) Miautroid Mewtroid