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Month of Metroid

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The Month of Metroid was an event that occurred in North America in August 2007 to celebrate the Metroid 20th Anniversary. It occurred in the weeks culminating with the American release of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption and before that, the Wii Virtual Console reissues of Metroid and Super Metroid.[1]

Press release

Last week, Wii™ owners who have their systems connected to WiiConnect24™ were greeted by an ethereal blue glow alerting them Nintendo’s Month of Metroid had begun. The WiiWare™ section of the Wii Shop Channel now contains the Metroid Prime 3 Preview, allowing Wii owners to view exclusive videos for the anticipated Metroid® Prime 3: Corruption game launching Aug. 27.

It’s a whole Month of Metroid, so fans should continue to check the Metroid Prime 3 Preview for updates. To view, Wii owners must first upgrade their Wii systems to Version 3 by clicking on Wii System Update in Wii System Settings.

Metroid series fans also will find two classic games for download in the Virtual Console™ section of the Wii Shop Channel. The original Metroid® for the Nintendo Entertainment System® became available Aug. 13, while Super Metroid® for the Super NES® will be available Aug. 20. Just use Wii Points™ to download the games. Metroid and Super Metroid are rated E for Everyone.

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption features amazing first-person controls, and takes advantage of the intuitive, motion-sensitive Wii Remote™ and Nunchuk™ controllers. This incomparable installment concludes the trilogy’s storyline while introducing new puzzles, bigger adventures and more intense battles.

Media rave about Metroid Prime 3: Corruption’s game play and revolutionary controls. Chris Kohler of even calls it “a brilliantly designed game, with perfected Wii motion controls,” while’s Brian Ekberg hails it as “…an intense and challenging game, one that isn’t skimping when it comes to making the most of the Wii’s various control possibilities.”


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