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Super Game Boy Player's Guide

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Book cover

Super Game Boy Player's Guide is a guide book sold with an issue of Nintendo Power around the release of the Super Game Boy. It covers various Game Boy games, especially to demonstrate how they look on the Super Game Boy, and it provides 12-digit color codes that the player can input from the Super Game Boy to enhance the coloration, especially for certain parts of a game to add to the gameplay experience. The Super Game Boy Player's Guide has six pages dedicated to Metroid II: Return of Samus, and two screenshots of the game are featured on the front cover.


There are seven codes suggested by the guide, each associated with one or two phases:

Naming differences

The guide refers to Metroids as "Space Parasites," the Galactic Federation as the "Intergalactic Federation," the Bomb item as the "Bomb Generator," and Energy Tanks as "Energy Containers" (in one instance). It also says that SR388 is in the "Game Boy star system," and suggests that the Metroid mutations are due to gamma radiation from the planet.