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Tatori, Jr.

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Tatori, Jr.
Tatori Jr SM sprite.png
A Tatori, Jr. in Super Metroid.
First appearance Super Metroid (1994)
Locations Zebes

Tatori, Jr.[1] are the offspring of the Tatori in Maridia and one of the few harmless Zebesian creatures encountered in Super Metroid. If a Tatori, Jr. is attacked or jumped on, its mother attacks Samus in return. If Samus runs into, or jumps on top of a Tatori, Jr. after jumping on it once, the Tatori, Jr. is sent spinning across the room.

Tatori, Jr. strongly resemble Buzzy Beetles from the Mario franchise. The only differences between the species are that the Buzzy Beetle's shell is black and has four limbs, unlike the Tatori, Jr., and their parents have six legs. Further supporting the idea that the Tatori, Jr. is a direct homage to the Buzzy Beetle is the fact that Samus can send them spinning within their shells in the exact manner as Mario, Luigi, or another character can do in the Super Mario series.


  • Both Tatori, Jr. and Tatori are some of the non-violent creatures that Samus cannot save, as only the Etecoons and Dachora(s) appear during the countdown at the end of the game.


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