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Template:Checkuser log/doc

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Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)

The checkuser log template is to be used on the checkuser logs to format the entries.


{{Checkuser log


The type of checkuser carried out. Either: ip (for getting IPs from a username), user (for getting usernames from an IP), or edit (for getting edits for either an IP or a username)


The date and time that the checkuser was carried out. This will be converted to a consistent format in UTC.


The user carrying out the check. Do not include User: prefix.


The user being checked. Either a username or an IP address, depending on the choice in type.


The reason given for the check. Preferably the same reason as given on the checkuser form.


If you followed up an IP check with a user check (or vice versa) then define this variable. If you didn't do any follow up checks do not define the variable.

This is to prevent usernames and IPs being connected by non-checkusers.